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Writing as Balm to Harm and Hate

We live is despairing times. It is up to writers to bridge gaps--to heal wounds that seem to only fester and never heal. I believe that if I can show someone my perspective, have them live my reality for moments--they will understand me. They might not like me. They might not become my friend. But they will understand me and my point of view. Is that not what is lacking right now? We need to empathize and understand each other's traumas. We carry with us betrayal, mistrust, guidance from past generations (good or bad). I am a patriot. I believe in peace and understand war. I will not condone riots less than 18 minutes from my home. I will not allow there to be silence for places my feet have stood and on steps I have sat on.

I believe in beauty, in fairy tales, but I understand tyranny. I see fascism for what it is--giving into fear and letting someone with more "power" tell you that your life will be made better and that you can live unafraid if you do x, y, z. This is not the case. You make your own choices, your own destiny, but together instead of all hope and faith in one person--let us hold hands, hug--and not divide ourselves. (It might have to be a virtual high five with COVID-19).

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