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Where's Kim? Better than Waldo!

All My Happenings!

Kim is Volunteering in Archeology! She is earning a Certification in Archeology!

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The Terra Nouveau Lyceum

A place of learning and community offering classes, geekdom, and spirituality. Dalva Doss and Kim Malinowski teach classes and workshops, give weekly tarot readings, and pop up with random fun and learning!

The Poetry Salon

I am currently facilitating on Wednesdays through December 2022. 9 AM PST/ 12 PM EST. 

Home – The Poetry Salon

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Hybrid Shorts

Manuscript and Individual All Genre subscription on TNL

I provide guidance and explore forms with all types of writing including scientific journals, poetry, fiction, and memoir. I do not edit grammar--but I can help make your writing sing!

New Offering with thanks to The Poetry Salon


Mothers of Enchantment

My short story "Flick the Fairy Godmother" appears with other well-crafted short stories that twist the Fairy Godmother cliche. Flick is bipolar, has anxiety, and takes berries and honeysuckle milk to help her survive her day. She is meant as a double of me--we go without shame--taking medications that help us succeed and live impossibly brilliant lives.

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