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Phantom Reflection


​This is a novel-in-verse format playing with the concept of a retelling of The Phantom of the Opera (book and musical) and their modern day counterparts. The main characters are Christine; The Artist; and The Man of Words. It is an emotional, romantic, and erotic tug of war between the Artist and The Man of Words to possess Christine and it is a deep delving into the personality, wants and needs of Christine. The vivid landscape of the poetry and the brilliant imagery weave a pathway into the innermost chasms of the human psyche. There is a lush richness to the weave of the words and an eloquent ease of literary flow. Malinowski’s hand to the stylus is as the Phantom’s hand to the musical instrument and the brushstroke to the canvas. It is an amazing read reflecting the superb creativity of the author.

A Reflection of the novel The Phantom of the Opera 

I play with the characters in The Phantom of the Opera and have their story and their modern-day counterparts' story reflect off the doomed chandelier.

Book AVAILABLE NOW on website, Amazon and Kindle and of course at retail bookstores and libraries through Ingram Spark iPage Distribution



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