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The Sealey Challenge Day 8 "When the Moon had Antlers" by Tresha Faye Haefner

I'm cheating! Yes, yes, I know. I read the original manuscript. I read some of the collection--and now I've had dinner with it and there is a lot of content that I have never seen and a lot of poems that have journeyed into the extraordinary. This will have to have a longer, better, review too. I am left with a sense of hope but also the piercing feeling that we are nature and therefore as introspective as nature. There are a lot cyclical concepts in terms of how near we are to animals and even how near we are to icebergs and how we interconnect and intercept. Each poem is intriguing and uses unexpected metaphors and similes without being glaring.

I buy it. If a poetry works, yes, it must make us "feel." Whatever that means. But it should also echo in our body in an ASMR tingle and end with an "ah" of release and relief. I ate dinner like I said. SO here are the PICS!

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