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The Sealey Challenge Day 6! "father forgive me" by Deshawn McKinney

I was introduced to Deshawn McKinney by The Poetry Salon. Mad shout out!! There is also the Saloncast where Mckinney is interviewed. I have not had a chance to listen YET.

"father forgive me" is incredibly poignant. I have never felt such affinity with the repetition of stretch marks and the idea of what male physical appearance is inherited--both the body and the gender concept. I understand this from the female perspective and my family has helped create my distorted eating that was anorexia. I felt the pain in the poems personally, even though the gender and perhaps because it was the male perspective.

Many complex themes are explored. Fathers, family, military, alcohol, body image--more. The lines are spot on and the forms are complicated and I feel the beat differently than strict meter but still there on the tongue. Wonderful.


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