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The Sealey Challenge Day 4: "What the Country Wrought" by Annis Cassells

"What the Country Wrought" is a tremendous collection. I admit that this post does not do it justice, but a later one will tackle the full book. I could not read every poem because I have been on an archeological dig. Forgive the excuses!

There are many depths and a multitude of topics from gun violence to remembering the past and how it is woven with the present included. Many poems cannot be neatly categorized in topic or form. Cassells has prose, hybrid, and standard poems. The variety is amazing.

I need to give a form shout out to margin-to-margin with stanza breaks!

Yes! Please! I am a hybrid form nerd, and this was my jam. I like guessing too and figuring out why one topic would need a certain form over another. I will list this as a too be continued!


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