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The Sealey Challenge 13 (Cheat Day): "Chesapeake Prehistory Old Traditions and New Directions" Dent

Richard J. Dent Jr. is the full name of the author. I read one required chapter so far, but it was intense! It focused on what changes the end of the Wisconsin glacier melting created. Higher level oceans. Okay. And then--different floral and faunal selections as well based on climate change and region. Sound familiar? Paleoindians would have been seeing the near-end effects. There would be less biodiversity but perhaps, more abundance. Fossilized pollen is found in peat and sediment cores. I have to ask a bit more about that. Fascinating.

I am earning my C.A.T. Certified Archeological Technician Certificate of Maryland. My body said lets go b*tch and I am reading and taking notes so that I have proof. YOU ARR MY PROOF! If you read this, I can point to you. ; )


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