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Hot Topics--Having Courage

I'm not going to lie that in my last prose poem in Gyroscope I totally put myself out there. Wait. I didn't put myself out there, I put out my narrator. That woman on the page is not me. No matter how confessional it sounds or is--it's not me. I may have a terrible love life. I may have a good deal of self-doubt. Who knows? And while that poem says I do, it doesn't make it "true" or "out" myself. Does it show my truth? Yes. I have intensity. I have conviction. I make the reader feel authentic emotion, or I try to. That emotion is true. Delving into the self and uncertainty is true. Does it make me uncomfortable? Absolutely. That's why I sent it out to get published. It might be a type of masochism--but I bet a lot of people feel the same I do or that I say I do. My narrator is a dumpster fire-at first--and then she gets rockin' and explosive. She's going to take on the world, own it, and if you get in her way she will either take you out or make you love her. That's a lot of self-worth right there!


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