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Facebook Disabled My Accounts

I am still attempting to appeal--if someone actually knows how to do it, please tell me. I've been down every rabbit hole there is trying to find a way to appeal. I was given no reason other than my Instagram account was the cause--my Instagram still works. My author and private/author pages are what are gone. I can't message. The new/temporary profile is limited. I can't friend people I don't know. I see book sales gone. I cannot communicate with my students as efficiently. I don't know that I want to start over. Do I just want to make a new author movement? Do I just want to create my own content? I'm unsure. I already have my Pen Pal network. I have been so on the grid that I look at my phone constantly. Maybe I need to put the phone down and write. OR maybe you have suggestions on how to appeal 2,500 contacts and at least ten years' worth of advertising and work. sigh


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