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A Quick Kim Catchup!

Hello all! I have been posting for the Sealey Challenge. Poets and Writers that I know personally, don't worry, you will get your due. Right now it's the usual "Read this! I read this!" that I fall into every August. Last year, I had a book just out and could not participate. This year I have two books coming in fast but I have a moment in the now to read if I expand my genres. There will be my friends' novels--Yes!--and there will be archeology books--yes! Because Kim doesn't want to lose her mind or play favorites.

I have been on several archeology digs this year! A lot was paused. Some of the classes I facilitate come straight from the field and others I have had to take off for. I've had the worst attendance record in 3 years (lo siento those dealing with my absence)! I am learning meter--OH YES, YOU HEARD ME! in the Poetry Witch community. I've struggled long before my aphasia. I am learning. I have written poems in meter. I need to stretch.

Imposter syndrome has found me! Shit Bird go away! I'm doing brilliant--but ya know, sometimes I itch. Sometimes I can't justify the itch to fly. And instead, I should just let myself soar. Just relax and take off fly in circles--you still fly in the two directions plus!

I'm greedy. I am a poet that wants to be an archeologist that wants to be a writer that wants to be a reader that wants to be loved that wants to love that wants to help everyone that wants to help herself that wants to be stronger than any man and stronger than any woman than any gender and wants to know what defines strong and what she wants because she wants everything. Dream big. Don't worry about that damn sky. Just begin. Launch.

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