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A Mountaineer Can Be A Poet and Still Fire a Musket--thank you and plea

Thank you to The NewVerse News!


I write WVU into the stars, blue and gold constellations,

my pen shimmering faculty names, even as the administration’s slash

tenure positions, promises, dreams.

I learned that my pen is a magic wand here.

It has not been so long ago that even mountaineers could be poets

and still shoot muskets and pretend that they had a home.

I met a freshman today that I will paint as glinting diamond,

fourth day confusion, standing on the side with professors,

telling me he is the transition and the PRTs still don’t work.

**** check the link ***

Please write. Sign petitions. This is NOT going to stop at WVU. The humanities, the sciences, the arts, education everywhere will be attacked. Higher education may need to adapt but it does not need to slash positions and harm students.


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