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A Jim Byrnes Concert!!!!

I have to admit that Covid-17 has been awful. The death toll keeps rising. I disinfect disinfectant. But, exciting things are happening within our culture. ZOOM and Crowdcast and many other platforms are offering digital life.

For those of you who don't know, as I say--Say it loud for those in the back! I'm Bipolar with more anxiety disorders than than the galaxy know what to do with. So, I don't go to concerts. They are loud and scary places that I CANNOT go!--but, with ZOOM and YouTube and the other applications being designed, I can go virtually.

So, I have "attended" three of the great Jim Byrnes's concerts thus summer. I am proud and ecstatic that I can finally participate. I have found online life to be much more inclusive and aware of my needs than "real" life. I hope this sticks. The concert was in Canada, so yes--I would never be able to attend.

I deviate from technology and talk about Mr. Jim Byrnes's music. First, the songs he's written and collaborated with are poetry. They read like poetry and slide/drip into song. I am going to give you my favorite song lyric EVER.

The way you come to me at midnight

warm and naked as the rain

Beat that Shakespeare!!! Tonight I heard it once again--and realized that Jim Byrnes is not just creating poetry in music, but also in the stories he tell about the songs. There is a dual dynamic of prose poetry narration and lyric/music.

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