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Day 17: "White Elephants" by Reetika Vazirani

White Elephants confused and dazzled me. There is universal emotion, wonderful word play, samplings of other languages. In truth, I wanted to hear it read--and might try to find a reading.

I want to reiterate or iterate that it is not the poet's job to explain their work. Or make it completely accessible, or...

I love diversity and can appreciate it--even though I don't always stereotypically "get" it.

Vazirani writes about a cross play of different cultures and religions--detailed swathes. I FEEL those words and cultures. I just don't have the context I wish I had.

"Calcutta, for Jai" creates a wonderful narrator. Young and vibrant, searching, and giving advice as well as a description of the city. Artfully rendered.

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