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Day 15: "Facts about the Moon" by Dorianne Laux

Ok peeps--I'm counting this as half way through my cheating Sealey Challenge Self!

Facts about the Moon is incredible. Again, a female prospective on body, feeling inside oneself, sex, relationships--pretty much everything that is experienced.

"Kissing Again" is my example poem. It is surprising and vulnerable, while remaining humble.

", yes, though squeezed in / between the minor depths of anger, despair-- / standing up amid the laundry / or fumbling onto the strip of rug ..."

This might be the most "female" example of sexual tension. The "where" and "how" usually being engineered by the other party or society. In this, the narrator has figured out all of the details--where the sex occurs--how it remains fresh--what it is like when back in the familiar.

I wonder if that is not what negotiating the world as a female or female identifying person means?

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