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Day 12: "Ready for the World" by Becca Klaver

Ready for the World is edgy and very modern. There are selfies, laptops, faux witches and real ones, the idea of playing pretend and role technology plays in relationships.

I'm sure many would argue with me, but I did not hear as much lyricism as I have in other chapbooks and collections. Do not get me wrong, there are plays on words and repetition, and beat--but it is not "pretty."

There seems to be no attempt to make the poetry "stylized" and "classic" and of course, that's what gives it the modern appeal. I hesitate to write about technology because I'm not sure in 100 years what technology there will be. It interests me that poetry is the modern anthropology and archeology and that we leave poetic records of life.

I admit, as always, I have not read the entire collection. But, there are stunning poems. It was published by Black Lawrence Press. And I will go back to it.

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