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Day 11: "Conflict Resolution for Holy Beings" by Joy Harjo

I want to first say that I was introduced to this book and to Joy Harjo by Grace Cavalieri in her podcast Poem and the Poet. I immediately ordered a copy. The one note I will add, is that the poems are left margin capitalized. I found when reading out loud I faltered--mostly do to my misreading the lines.

"We were there when Jazz was Invented" is its own riff. The first stanza is amazing!

"I have lived 19,404 midnights, some of them in the quaver of fish dreams" is a stunning opening line. I'm not sure I will ever do better.

The follow up lines and stanzas repeat words and sounds--yes, meaning--but also very lyrical as if it is being played on a saxophone.

Each poem is prefaced by prose. Some political, some spiritual--all well-crafted and thought provoking. I do a disservice to block quote a poet so well know. Again, I'm giving the Amazon link, but this book should be found everywhere.

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