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The Sealey Challenge Day 23! The Eternal Haunted Summer: A Thirteenth Anniversary Edition

Okay--this is a cheat for 2 reasons. The first, my poem begins the anthology *bows* and the second, Lissa Sloan and The Fairy Tale Magazine reviewed the book today! Ha! It was in my stack--so today is the day. Stay tuned for their link. I have to thank Rebecca Buchanan for allowing me the chance to bow. I do like this book. I haven't read the entire anthology--at least not as a book. I follow Eternal Haunted Summer and I submit oftenish. Everyone that is published is wonderful. I know many of the writers. So many themes and gods/goddesses are covered. Great speculative work all-around. I admit that I am honored to be the first poem. My poem calls in the sabbats and the seasons, so I get to call in great speculative writers! Love to you all!


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