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We Could Be Lovers

We Could Be Lovers

Publication Date: 9 April 2024

In the present day, two strangers find themselves sitting together in the rain. Both are deeply aware of the other’s presence but are busy with their own inner struggles. The modern narrator battles her inner demons with medication and observes the man a few feet away from her as he grieves. Slowly, she examines her attraction that turns into a deeper, wordless, connection that goes beyond lust to become part of an ancient courtship rite.

While the strangers cautiously observe each other, the ancient protagonist’s love story is threaded between. The ancient love story explores surviving war and famine and how they shift dynamics in marriage. The ancient couple contrasts the present-day characters’ internal actions with their physical actions.

Internal exploration of feelings of intrigue and attraction and exterior actions allow both couples to change with each other over the course of the collection as they find themselves linked

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Courtesy of Bryan C. Smith

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