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The Sealey Challege (Expanded): "As Joan Approaches Infinity" by Kika Dorsey

This is one novel that will get special treatment after The Sealey Challenge is over. It is sooo difficult to put "As Joan Approaches Infinity" down! I have only read a few chapters and they do feel and probably are complete short stories. This keeps the tempo upbeat and marching even while poor Joan fails (even) at suicide and keeping the milk from spoiling when she leaves it out. Every aspect of Joan's character seems relatable--even with the dark bent, maybe a bit sardonic tone to the writing. I love Joan the character because her struggles are not ambitious struggles but are common problems made humorous.

Many topics are hit on that are serious: suicide, death, mental health, alcoholism, dementia/aging parents, and family duties--but while they are spoken of with dark humor, this allows the ideas to seep into the reader and have the reader reflect on them and how easy these huge ideas are able to be ignored.

I will be posting a full review next month. I was graciously given an ARC copy and I cannot wait to finish! I have not been putting in URLs of where to buy in my Sealey Challenge posts, but you can purchase a copy here As Joan Approaches Infinity — Gesture Press & Journal (


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