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Check out my work in Moon Feather Hollow's Merry Missives!

The Snow Queen & Holly King have put together a super festive package of oddities, stories, music, eclectic recipes, seasonal factoids, and surprises to be delivered in bite-sized morsels each day for 12 days. Includes original poems by Kim Malinowski! Info in the comments. Guaranteed to surprise you in the delightful ways!]-R&c[0]=AT0___T9C49VLYpVqu_U0MSu9F-i7jsInkYdjCs5owOisLfRqnv3yK-3FFg1TS5lMXPuU2yfxyCj7vb7Hu9DjC_55NRWlFcovFIbypbHW5EaI5dRnlvH5tojPMnKgAV1r62azzphd5c1msuFUVDZ3BHmzMmXrv_4CbEd3CL7B-koD3JqtkLm6hTe1QSvgKODrUBaL0wGVOklDPUp


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