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Day 28: "The New Testament" by Jericho Brown

To my great shame, I was unaware of Jericho Brown until after an online interview and reading with Grace Cavaliere aired. I was/am absolutely captivated by voice. Not as in the aural, but as in how the narrator uses word play and distinct voice. Allusions and direct references to the Bible, race, gender, LGBTQA+ , are all captured and contained within form and free verse. I will not be able to do justice, but instead will end with a quote that reflects the narrator (maybe the poet).

This block quote is from "Receiving Line" inscribed "California, November 4, 2008."

Suited, on time: My name is Jericho Brown.

I like a little blues and a lot of whiskey. I read

When my children let me. I write what I can't

Resist. I'm as proud of you as a well-built chest,

and I am in unlegislated love with a man bound

To grab for me when he sleeps. Take my right hand,

The one that wakes him, the one I use to swear--

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