Day 19: "Render: An Apocalypse" by Rebecca Gayle Howell

Render: An Apocalypse is tenderly brutal. Farm life is described in detail and captures the brutal and desperate wants of both the humans and the animals--and of course, the humans that feel like the animals.

The language is both shocking and lyrical. Each action is described precisely. I admit that I haven't eaten meat for three months--so I am not the best candidate for a stellar review. I feel a bit sick...but that is no fault of the poetry.

These poems force me to imagine my position. Would I tie up an animal and slit its throat--for food to be clear? Do I feel like that sacrifice? It is a compelling and contemporary questioning--I assume that previous ancestors would only know it was the only way if you wanted to eat...but the poems are wonderfully crafted. The questions they raise are equally startling.