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Day 7 on Day 8: The Daughters of Discordia by Suzanne Owens

Hot damn intense. The proem "The Banishment" sets up metaphor for women being blamed/ subjugated/ misunderstood.

Discordia was sent/banished by Zeus to "hurl disaster" in the world. This sets up women as victims and women as perpetrators. A clear distinction is the past that is slowly being reevaluated.

"Difficult," the following poem questions grief/terror/belief/misdiagnosis/horror. It explains and challenges how women were owned, treated, and bartered using the example of Dorothe Talbye was "hanged in Boston, 1630" because even her former friends believed her former friends thought she was possessed by Satan.

I find the first stanza haunting--beautiful--scary--

what I could not do in life,

I do in death, snatch the cloth

off my face, tuck it

under the noose to ease the vice

Such energy!!!! I should mention mine is signed.

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