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Day 1 Sealey Challenge: Fragile Things: Short Fiction and Wonders--that's right--by Neil Gaiman

So yes, after talking smack, I thought I'd break the rules. Neil Gaiman's "wonders" are poetry with a twist. I'm going to just give you a glimmer. (I do approve of this book). "Going Wodwo," is a wonderful spec piece with twist of meaning, hints of becoming nature and becoming crazy while doing so. The wordplay is wonderful, comes off naturally, and is a delight.

"Locks," is based loosely around a father telling his daughter Goldilocks, but there is a lot of play with the idea of locks and safety. Growing up and older is crucial here as well. Remembering and telling stories echo throughout.

"Instructions" is exactly that. A spec list of quests and actions meant to tell a story. P.S. each line is story by itself. Intriguing exercise to do!

And there you have it! Day 1. See you tomorrow.

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