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Neil Gaiman: My Connection

Can you believe I never heard of Neil Gaiman until I sent a friend the copy of Mythic Delirium I was in? Neil Gaiman was the featured poet. I was pretty low on the totem pole--but because he was in it--it's still being sold. That means my name is still getting out there for "Myth." Thank Neil.

Now--I have taken him on. I obviously didn't challenge him to a duel. I haven't purchased my Ivanhoe yet--but believe me--it's coming! Neil Gaiman wrote the poem "The Mushroom Hunters." I respect and admire the poem and what he was prompted to do. Now, the challenge. In AHF Magazine "We Weren't Just Mushroom Hunters" appears--Issue 11 for those keeping score. I believe that women would do anything for their families--drag men to food (famine is real), hunt for their children. Anything.

Neil, we're on first names now I guess, wanted to show women as scientists, having keen intellects. Yes! Precisely--but not only! I would have hunted! (Maybe with more brains then the men he describes). And, I would know my damn mushrooms too!

So, the war of mushrooms and feminism. Who will win?

Honestly, both. Male perspective versus female. So, go read both poems. Tell me what you think!

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