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In challenging times... write.

I know that we are all anxious tired--most of us have sore hands from cleaning and sanitizing. I know mine are dreadful. The point is--those aches and pains are eased when the pen is lifted. If you really want to use a computer--do it. The point is to write. Keep a journal. A fun one--coffee filters, bookmarks, post-it notes--just write. All those scary thoughts--all those great ideas. It doesn't matter if you are a writer or not--writing soothes me. I assure you, even if it is a small change--it will help.

Use colored pens or font. Write fiction from your strange tales of the world right now. I wrote about my cat Max drinking out of the toilet in a Covid-19 world--writing can be funny. Sometimes it needs to be funny.

Remember, I am holding space with you all. Be gentle with yourself. Don't expect too much. And, as I always say, write as if the stars will shatter tomorrow.

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