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Who I Am

I have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize! Now nominated for Best of the Net Prize! Humpty Dumpty – Big City Lit (

I like glamorous words, glitzy emotions, and I have always been a lover of words. I believe that poetry is the answer to most any problem and that poetry will become even more vital in the future. It gives us hope, courage, and peace. In our ever changing world, poetry will evolve, transform, and hopefully, we will transform with it.

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Pen Pal Campaign

I run Kim Malinowski's Pen Pal Campaign. Contact me here or email,, if you are interested in a handwritten note. If you don't hear from me, please reach out again. I get many spam bots and may accidentally mistake your message.

These mailings may spill some tea or have information about new books that I or a friend has published. You DO NOT have to write back--but I'd love you to!!! 


This project is in effort to combat the loneliness of the age and bring us closer together. I don't want an email newsletter. I need personal contact. --Kim


I wrote my grandmother's cards--holiday, birthday, etc. The year she went into the nursing home, I gave cards and candy canes to every person in her senior living building (75?). I felt that I was too late to help her get friends BUT many, many, in the building sent her cards back that year. She smiled "I don't know this person"--but even though she never went back--she knew that person after that card. I forgot that lesson until her birthday this year.


I realized what I had been lacking these last several years. CARDS!

I would love to send you cards! I hope it gives a needed boost that someone cares.

On the Desk

Best of Net Nominee "Ophelia" published by
Poppy Road Review

Author/poet/dreamer...brilliance is in the eye of the beholder. Mountains become sand...sand builds to become mountains.

What’s New With Kim Malinowski

I want to interact with the writing community. Taste brilliance, dapple in dactyls, come what may.

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Check out my work! I am live on Amazon!


  Blog and website


Home, Collection of Poems Kelsay Books, 2021

Clutching Narcissus, verse novel, (retired) Twelve House Books, 2022

Phantom Reflection, verse novel, Silver Bow Publishing, 2022

Buffy's House of Mirrors Out and on fire! From Q, an imprint of Querencia Press! (The book does not infringe on Buffy the Vampire Slayer's copyright.)


The Pierian

Origin Stories - Kim Malinowski – Gyroscope Review




"The Fool's Journey"--Full-Length Coming from Vraeyda Literary!

"We Could be Lovers"--Full-Length Coming  from Nightingale & Sparrow Press!



"Self-Reflection," Alice Says Go Fuck Yourself, Badass Moms Issue 7, alice-7_badass-moms_52724.pdf ( 2024


"Bipolar Love Song," Pleiades, Pleiades 44.1 ( , 2024

"Willow's Balm," The Fairy Tale Magazine, Willow's Balm by Kim Malinowski ( 2024

"Moon Mother Above," "Quickening Recipe," Moon Water: An Anthology, , 2024

"The Grand Canyon," The Muleskinner Journal, The Grand Canyon — The Muleskinner Journal, 2024

"Joining," "Love Poem," nightshade lit, Issue One - nightshade lit's Ko-fi Shop - Ko-fi ❤️ Where creators get support from fans through donations, memberships, shop sales and more! The original 'Buy Me a Coffee' Page. 2024

"Archeological encounters of the Kim kind," "Perilous nomenclature," "Lithic love," "Clay," "Body of aphasia," Anthropology and Humanism, Archeological encounters of the Kim kind, perilous nomenclature, lithic love, clay, body of aphasia - Malinowski - Anthropology and Humanism - Wiley Online Library, 2024

"Sandy Loam--Excavation," Practicing Anthropology, Sandy Loam—Excavation: Practicing Anthropology: Vol 46 , No 1 - Get Access (, 2024

"When I Do Not Know," Misfit Magazine, Kim Malinowski, 2024

"Chess," Discretionary Love, Kim Malinowski | Discretionary Love, 2023

MeterCute Interview, YouTube,

"Preparation," Ev0ke, Poetry: Preparation – ev0ke (, 2023

"Querencia Autumn 2023 Anthology,", 2023

"A Mountaineer can be a Poet and still Fire a Musket," The New Verse News, TheNewVerse.News : A MOUNTAINEER CAN BE A POET AND STILL FIRE A MUSKET (, 2023

"At the Crossroads of Beltane and Samhain," The Best of Eternal Haunted Summer, The Best of Eternal Haunted Summer: A Thirteenth Anniversary Edition: Malinowski, Kim, Connor Winward, Shannon, Keane, Bran, Lilly, Alison Leigh, Routery, Michael, Beiter, Tristan, Khoa, Ngo Binh Anh, Files, Gemma, Couturier, Scott J., Buchanan, Rebecca: 9781312798304: Books, 2023

"Glimpse Back: Emily's Bedroom in Three Camera Angles," Path of Birds, Flying Ketchup Press, The Path of Birds: Poets on the Rise by McCann, Polly Alice (, 2023

"Fallen," Carmina, Fallen by Kim Malinowski | March 2023 | Carmina Magazine , 2023

"Aurora Borealis Teach Me To Utter I love you," The Anthology of the Rio Grande Valley International Poetry Festival: Boundless, 2023

"Shovel Test Pits in Winter," and "Kim and Ikea Put Her Book Together," The Pierian, 2023 

"Love in Green," The Squawk Back, 2023 Squawk Back: Love in Green. by Kim Malinowski (

"When I am 35" and "Rilke's Violin," Verse Virtual, 2023 Kim Malinowski Verse-Virtual January 2023

Review of Gary Grossman's Graphic Novel, Kim Malinowski Verse-Virtual November 2022

"Aurora Borealis Teach Me To Utter I Love You," Boundless 2023BOUNDLESS 2023 — Rio Grande Valley International Poetry Festival Apr. 20-23, 2023 (

"Archeological Love Song," Words & WhispersArcheological Love Song — Words & Whispers (

"Robin Hood's Larder's Torn Roots," Fairytale Magazine, Issue One, Spring 2023, Issues & Subscriptions | FairyTaleMag (

"Caged Sprouting," Compass Rose, Issue 1 "North" ISSUE 1 "NORTH" | Compass Rose (


"Night Spirits," Gothic Issue, Enchanted Living, Winter 2023.

"The Beast," The Poetry Distillery, November 14, 2023, The Beast — The Poetry Distillery

Sunflowers – River Paw Press

Sunflowers – River Paw Press

Ukraine | Hole In The Head (

Poetica Review,

"Stolen Moments," Fanfiction Review, October 2022

"Etched Text," "How Poets See," "Aunt Annas's Pie," Rabid Oak,

Issue 27, Kim Malinowski – Rabid Oak

"A Plea to the Great Seamstress," Gingerbread House, August 31, 2022, A Plea to the Great Seamstress | Gingerbread House Lit Mag

"Sweeping Humble," Enchanted Living, Autumn 2022

"Grocery Boy," Defenestration, Summer 2022, “Grocery Boy,” by Kim Malinowski - Defenestration (

"Humpty Dumpty" Big City Lit, 2022 Humpty Dumpty – Big City Lit (


 Torrid Literature Journal (Vol. XXVII): Vol. XXVII Fast-Forward: Saunders, Alice: 9798837755460: Books

"Ophelia", Poppy Road ReviewPoppy Road Review, 2022 Nominated for Bet of Net!

“Give me something to sing about," "Carrie—can you steal me the Nobel?,"

"How strangers still say “bless you” Scars Publications,  My Name is Equality (Down in the Dirt magazine) (

"Birthday on February 26," Hole in the Head ReviewKim Malinowski (


"Broom Confession," The Main Street Rag, The Main Street Rag, Spring 2022 | Main Street Rag (

"Flick: The Fairy Godmother" Mother of Enchantment,

AMothers of Enchantment: New Tales of Fairy Godmothers by Kate Wolford (

"Oh, Vincent," Thimble, Kim Malinowski (, 2022


"Blue," "Boxers and Beer," Throats to the Sky,

"Summoning," Silver Blade. Summoning | Silver Blade Magazine, 2022

“Who will sing our names to the stars?”, “Unfastened by Magnets,” “Stonehenge Bluestone,” Wing,” January 2022 Lothlorien Poetry Journal: Five Superb Poems by Kim Malinowski” 2022

"The Wolf," Thirteen Myna Birds, Thirteen Myna Birds ( 2022

"Life in the Moment," Spank the Carp, issue67_malinowski - SPANK the CARP 2022

"My self worth" Gyroscope Review, 2022 Winter Issue 2022 – Gyroscope Review

"My Goddess Ain't Thin," "Dandelion Wish: Update," "How She'd See Me, " Poems by Kim Malinowski – Plato's Caves online ( 2021

"Mistletoe Sprig," Enchanted Conversation, 2021 Enchanted Conversation: A Fairy Tale Magazine : Mistletoe Sprig, By Kim Malinowski


"Commets, " "Ode of Oath, " Live Nude Poetry, 2021 Kim Malinowski (

"To Carrie Fisher," Bombfire, 2021

To Carrie Fisher— by Kim Malinowski – BOMBFIRE (

"Steadfast Guard," "Supplication," Fehu Reversed," Blood & Bourbon, 2021 Blood & Bourbon #9: Magic eBook : Morrison, Raya, Mejico, Jona, Meffe, Lisa, Ramkaran, Rachel, Parr, Shannon: Books

"The Cottingley Fairies,' The Metaworker

"Searching for The Cottingley fairies" by Kim Malinowski - The Metaworker Literary Magazine

"The Midwife," Night Picnic Press, Night Picnic: Volume 4, Issue 3 | Night Picnic Press

"Bond," "Exhale," "Until the Until," "Toyota Corolla Wanderlust," "Tender," "Splintering," Tempest," Agony Opera, 2021 blog (

"Note for my Father Watching Comets," Trouvaille Review Note for my Father watching Comets by Kim Malinowski — Trouvaille Review, 2021

"Saving Yourself," Crow & Cross Keys, 2021 Saving Yourself—Kim Malinowski – Crow & Cross Keys (

"How to Make Your Writing Dynamic," borrowed solace, How to Make Your Writing Dynamic – borrowed solace

 S3 Episode 7: Publishing Poetry With Kim Malinowski – borrowed solace

"Teaching Unborn Babies" Misfits Magazine, 2021 Kim Malinowski

"Amethyst Tornado," Maryland Poetry Bards Journal

Essay in "To Be or Not to Be" To Be or Not To Be a Writer: Carr/Sweetycat Press, Steve, Jesmer, Kerri: 9798593524669: Books

"Babushka," Words & Whispers Issue 3, Babushka — Words & Whispers (

“Shuttered Routine” and “Holding Space with the Dying,” iō Literary Journal, 2020 

Tales From Six Feet Apart - iōLit (

"Captured Journeys," "Binding," "Conquered," Combat," Raven Cage Zine, 2021 Issue 53 – Raven Cage Zine (


Articles on seaQuest Vault:Media – The seaQuest DSV Vault (

"Angel Fixed in Stone," Enchanted Conversation A Fairy Tale Magazine, 2021

Enchanted Conversation: A Fairy Tale Magazine : Angel Fixed in Stone, By Kim Malinowski

"Mary as the Sun Sets," Ancient Paths Magazine, 2020 

Mary as the Sun Sets (

“Hush,” “Miss Betty,” “Miya-Jima,” The Sunlight Press, 2020 

Hush, Miss Betty, & Miyajima (

  “Angel Time: Creative Nonfiction,” Month to Years, 2020

"Sit down. Take a deep breath. Let's talk punctuation in poetry." | borrowed solace

“Sweeping Betwixt Hearth and Path” and “Reiki Meditation,” Enchanted Living, 2020

"Update on Kim,"  Jumbled Part 2, Poet's Choice, 2020

“Capturing the Beast,” Corvid Queen, 2020

"On Beauty," S/tick, 2020

"We Weren't Just Mushroom Hunters" (TAKE THAT NEIL GAIMAN), "Selkie," "Siren," AHF Magazine, 2020 The webpage for the magazine is at

with the website for the magazine being the shortcut url

AHF Magazine 11 paperback
AHF Magazine 11 kindle
AHF Magazine 11 Epub

"Absithe," Word Doodles Lit Mag, 2020 page 10

"Moonless," Poppy Road Review, 2020

"Gentle Stratigraphy," Zingara Poetry Review, 2020

“Death and Mercy,” Metaworker, 2020

"Sway, The Drabble, 2020

“At the Crossroads: Beltane and Samhain,” Eternal Haunted Summer, 2020


“Ignored Numeral,” Golden Walkman Magazine, 2020  Atrocities Edition, Poem 2

"Not Even the toilet is safe--and I don't mean from Covid 19," Global Poemic, 2020

“Edges,” Metaworker, 2020

                    “Pull up a seat. Take a sip. You can write.” Borrowed Solace Blog, 2020


“Modern Ritual,” Dreams Walking, 2020

“Bathing,” Lamplit Underground, 2020

                        “Mermaid,” Lamplit Underground, 2020 Issue 3

                    “Darth Vader goes to the Renaissance Festival,” Defenestration, 2020



                    “Tell Me,” Ink & Sword, 2020

                    “coffee,” Ink & Sword, 2020

                        “Grandma’s Type of Prayer, Ink & Sword, 2020


                    “Midnight Fairy,” Gramarye, 2020


                        “Whispering in the Forest,” Illumen, 2020

                        “Calligraphy,” Illumen, 2020



                        “Jedi Encounter,” A Door is A Jar, 2020

                        “Always,” A Door is A Jar (Door = Jar), 2020



                    “Sanctuary,” The Dewdrop: Isolation Shorts, 2020



                    “Typewriter,” Borrowed Solace, 2020



                        “Dumpster Gove,” Gone Lawn, 2020

                        “Dangling,” Gone Lawn, 2020

                        “Timeworn,” Gone Lawn, 2020




                        “Tempting Persephone,” Songs of Eretz Poetry Magazine, 2020



                    “Strawberries,” Nightingale & Sparrow, 2020



“Oh, Moratality,” Amethyst Review, 2020


“Dancing the Wheel,” Amethyst Review, 2020


                        “Oath,” Pomme Journal, 2020


“Grove,” and “Orchestra Pit” Detritus, 2019


“Drifting On,” Mookychick, 2019


“Dusting,” Amethyst Review, 2019


“Goddess,” Eternal Haunted Summer, 2019


“Reflection,” Amarillo Bay, 2019


“Home,” Black Poppy Review, 2019


“Archeological Surrealism,” Beakful 300: Anthology


“Flick the Fairy,” Calliope, 2017




Death: A Love Story, Kim Malinowski, 2017


“Besom,” “Make-Up,” and “Athame,” Faerie Magazine (now Enchanted Living), 2017


“Chor-Hani,” Eternal Haunted Summer, 2016


Reverberations M.F.A. Thesis


Chewie Goes to the Nursing Home, 2016



“A Granddaughter’s Ten Commandments,” Sweater Weather, 2016



“Umbra,” Pulsar Poetry, 2016



“Am I being Pruned?” and interviewed in Brave, The Phoenix Soul, 2016



“The Poet,” “The Poet is Healed,” “I’ll Save You,” Wildflower Muse, 2016



“Waking Up Snow White,” Enchanted Conversation: A Fairy Tale Magazine, 2016



“Air” and “Water,” Element(ary) My Dear, 2015

“Midwinter Cookies,” Three Drops from a Cauldron, 2015



“Endings.” Bethlehem Writer’s RoundTable, Nov/Dec 2015

BethlehemWritersRoundtableArchives - Malinowski, Kim (


“Frescoist,” The Eunoia Review, 2015”



                        “Sekhmet the Healer,” Daughter of the Son, 2015



“Darth Vader Frets over His Birthday,” and “Darth Vader’s Day at Teletech,” Melancholy Hyperbole, 2015



“Grit,” Dirt?, University of Puget Sound,




                        “Goldilocks,” Twice Upon a Time, 2015

                        “Dust and Petals,” Petals in the Pan. 2015

                        “Supernova,” Switch the Difference, 2015

“After-Hell” semi-finalist Pen 2 Paper, 2014


“Great Uncle,” War, Literature, and the Arts forthcoming in the Fall 2015

Won contest and published by “Writers Coming together for Writers” 25 word or less contest:



“Pompeii,” Welter, University of Baltimore, Spring 2014

“Failing Romantic Relationships and Paintball,” Souvenir,


“Tears,” (fanfiction on Soundcloud)


“Elrond,” Minas Tirith Evening Star: The Journal of the American Tolkien Society, Volume 38:2, Summer 2009


                        “PLEASE,” and “They lie,” The Battered Suitcase, Vagabondage Press Fall 2009


“Myth,” Mythic Delirium, 10th Anniversary Edition

                        “Grandfather,” Mad Poets Review, Volume 22, 2008


                        “Listening,” Love’s Chance, Winter: 2008              

“Entanglement,” Love’s Chance, Summer: 2008


                        4 biographies in National African American Biography project, 2008.


“The debate on Gay Marriage,” example article, in Work in Progress: English 101 @ West Virginia University 2005-2006.


“Queen,” Calliope, University Literary Journal, Spring 2004

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About the Author

I blend modern tales with folktales and fairytales. Modern issues are no match to a fairy godmother. My work reflects war, myth, death, and other combinations. Lately, I've been focused on what "Home" means. Where do I belong?

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Are you looking for the next great book to read?

Kim's phone 051.JPG

Fall, 2016

I've been taking photos of Chewie's adventures. Chewie is my eighteen going on nineteen cat.

Chewie died in January 2022. His companion Max in August. They visit me in my dreams and will have more adventures in my work. Chewie was 23. Max was 14. My loves!


January 20, 2016

Death: A Love Story was published by Flutter Press. Flutter Press has closed and I have switched to Amazon.

I am featured in Faerie Magazine's 2017 Autumn Edition.

Boy in the Field

January 20, 2017

My work has been appearing in a lot of places. It's fun to GOOGLE Kim Malinowski poet and see what pops up! Hopefully, it's all good! ; )

A few negative reviews pop up. Not everyone understands me. I'm told that I shine too brightly. Maybe. My intensity can incinerate! But I send that energy wil love.


January 20, 2017

Oh, my I am on the ride of my life, and I thank every one of you lovely people!

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