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The Sealey Challenge Day 21 (expanded): Urban Magick: A Guide for the City Witch by Diana Rajchel

I did not know being a "city witch" was a thing. I have my rituals and my spiritual path, I just thought that I was out of place. This book normalizes panhandlers and having to protect and take down energy barriers. It addresses the tug I feel to get into the car and go to a part of the city. It also recognizes the need for safety. I haven't gone to McDonald's, what I consider my home in Laurel, in over a month because of violence and the increased homeless population (not related to each other). I was overwhelmed by the massive need, and I felt that I was in danger. I am lost now though. This book alludes to loss and longing of the city we once knew but what it isn't. There are some practical spells like how ro avoid eviction. The one I am going to try is placing mint oil on pennies and throwing them out of your car for overall protection and healing of the city. I will most likely deliberately place them where dogs can't lick.

I would say and city witch or a person that feels a spiritual call in the city should read this book.


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