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The Sealey Challenge Day 20: Lady Anarchist Café by Lorraine Shine

I feel that locating poetry, and sometimes speculative poetry, within an actual city is a daring and intriguing move--always a great way to capture an audience. The reader is carried away by everyday New York City life while the words and the jumbling of "normal" or "usual" diction create a cacophony of other meanings. Poems are of varying lengths and topics, but always there is a focused straightforward word choice that allows more speculative elements to express themselves and keep the reader grounded. I loved the idea of places as a way of dividing poems. I did not read the short stories in the third section. I am sure they are marvelous and will go back to them. Lovely and imaginative. Many thanks to Lorraine for the ARC Copy and for allowing me to read this as one of my Sealey Challenge books.


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