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Day 21: "Femme's Dictionary: Poetry" by Carol Guess

Oh, Goddess. That's what I've got to say. This poetry collection takes on the role of femme and butch discourse in the lesbian and LGBTQA+ communities. She writes precisely every image, emotion, disparity that seemingly exists.

One of the comments on the back of the cover calls the poetry "irreverent." I would call it subversive and honest. The Bible is mentioned as part of her upbringing and is paired with sexual imagery. There is an idea that both sex and the body is just as spiritual as gospel and revival. Yet, there is no real turning away from the Christian belief.

Every line is captivating and tastes right on the tongue. I am not going to quote my favorite lines, because I'm not sure what audience (PG? R?) will read this. Suffice to say, there is a lot said about pleasure and desire--and of course the judgement of one's own desires, and the judgment of partner and community. Absolutely, stunning.

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