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Education: Do I need it?

This is a top five contender question in all of the Creative Writing and Author Facebook groups I'm in. So do you?



Does it have to be from a University? No. Do I need an M.F.A.? Depends. But, no.

Do you have to continually keep learning? Yes!!!! Do you need to take workshops and classes and listen to poetry podcasts? Yes!!!!

I'm experimenting with classes. I want to take control of my creative life and I've signed up for a myriad of classes and workshops from professional to library affiliations.

I have an M.F.A. in Creative Writing Poetry from American University. A B.A. in English with Creative Writing Concentration from West Virginia University. I was in a Ph.D. program in Literature at Howard University for one semester.

This is not to brag. Not to say what you need. If you have Amazon, or e-reader, or a public library then you have all the tools you need to educate yourself over a LIFETIME.

You heard me. We can never stop learning. The world changes, literature changes, we change--and to stay relevant we must learn.

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