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Dystopian Times

We are living in times not seen by our generation. So what do we do about it? All over the world, the answer is to write. To chronicle our experiences. As I hold space for the world, and the people suffering, I propose writing as a form of therapy, a gift of love to the generations to come, and to keep literature alive. Write on a post-it note, a coffee filter, a receipt from the drive-thru--and keep it. Tell yourself affirmations daily, and aim to believe them. I am struggling with that at the moment. That is why I am telling the world to do so. This is a time to grow. If you feel stuck, alone, that's okay. If you feel energized and manic, panicky, I hear that. Everyone handles stress differently and I tell you to write like the galaxy needs you to and the stars will shatter like glass tomorrow. Writing matters because we matter. Be well. Stay safe and healthy or strong recovery!

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